Our Focus


The Spokane Parks Foundation cultivates the health, growth and continued enjoyment of our communities by inspiring giving and passion for our parks.



The Spokane Parks Foundation will be the premier foundation to provide resources for vibrant,

healthy, accessible recreation programs and parks throughout the region.



Providing Access

Advocating & Collaborating

Raising Funds

Knowledge & Education


Board of Directors

Our volunteer Board of Directors oversees the Parks Foundation, supporting our mission and vision, and ensuring that the Foundation continues to strengthen parks throughout Spokane County.


Amy Lutz, President

Jill Nellenbach, Secretary

Marta Tosic Defenbach, Treasurer

Kevin Hennessey, Immediate Past President


Craig Andersen

Roger Chase

Kevin Eddy

Massoud Emami

Mel Fowler

Dana Harbaugh

Ted McGregor

Barb Richey

Marilyn Thordarson


Five committees provide direction and advice on specific areas of Parks Foundation operations. Each committee includes both Board members, community volunteers, and the Executive Director.


Amy Lutz, President

Jill Nellenbach, Secretary

Marta Tosci Defenbach, Treasurer

Kevin Hennessey, Immediate Past President

Terri Fortner, Executive Director



Marta Tosci Defenbach, Chair

Kevin Eddy

Kevin Hennessey

Barry Menne

Wade Schertenleib

Marilyn Thordarson

Grant Allocations

Marilyn Thordarson, Chair

Dennis Eaker

Danika Hatcher

Kevin Hennessey

Fran Papenleur

Make A Splash In A Kid's Life/Drowning Prevention Coalition

Kevin Eddy, Chair

Sarah Jane Amick

Kelly Ashe

Dan Curley

Sarah Fitzgerald

Tina Gregerson

Amy Lutz

Josh Oakes


Jill Nellenbach, Chair

Dianah Brubaker-Ellis

Jen Childress

Mike Ellis

Massoud Emami



Terri Fortner

Executive Director


Yvonne Trudeau

Development Associate/Campaign for Riverfront Spokane


Our office is 100% remote to ensure we maximize your gifts to the Spokane Parks Foundation!

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