Small Community Grants

Congratulations to the Audubon Park Neighborhood Council for winning our $1,000 Community Grant award!
Both the Centennial Trail Kiosk and the Grant Park Garden will receive $500.
Thank you to everyone who voted!
Audubon Park Neighborhood Sign

The Audubon Park Neighborhood Council recently put up an information kiosk. One side is reserved for the City Parks Department to use - they've posted park rules, public notices, etc.

The other side is for the Neighborhood Council. Ideas for what might be on their side include an engaging history of the park and neighborhood, a walking map of the park, a community message board and information on how to get involved with the Neighborhood Council.

While they have some funds set aside, money from the Parks Foundation would help them to design and produce an even better sign than planned.

Centennial Trail Kiosk

The Spokane Valley Parks & Recreation Department is working with local Eagle Scout Bradley Barclay in the design and construction of a large kiosk and bench. Both will be located at the Mission Avenue Trailhead on the Centennial Trail in Spokane Valley.


This kiosk will allow the placement of educational and interpretative information regarding the trail. The Centennial Trail is heavily used and this kiosk will aid in educating trail users on the safe use of and proper behavior recommended for trail use. It will also provide a place for trail users to stop and enjoy great views of the Spokane River.


An award from the Parks Foundation will help fund the design and installation of the kiosk. 

Grant Park Garden

Grant Park serves the South Perry District with both active and passive spaces for everyone to enjoy. In 2016 the neighborhood asked that a group of junipers located just north of the community garden be removed, as they were becoming a hazard and a hiding place for bad behavior.

In place of the junipers, the City of Spokane Parks Department is going to put in a terraced perennial garden. The garden will not only add beauty to the neighborhood, but will also encourage bees and other pollinators for the community garden and reduce maintenance costs.

A grant from the Parks Foundation will help complete the project.