Havermale Playground

The largest and most ambitious project is building a second playground on the west end of the park – one that is focused on inclusive play. It will be nestled in the trees on Havermale Island, accessible to all, where people from toddlers to seniors can have fun - together.


With interactive play pieces, solid surfaces and ramps for wheelchairs and walkers, the inclusive playground will mirror the quality and spirit of the park itself: inviting, engaging and playful.


The Havermale Playground will be designed to offer a variety of spaces and structures for people of all ages and abilities, providing stimulating challenges and creative opportunities for parallel play. As older children climb ropes, younger children can play with permanent fixtures on the ground. Those with physical or cognitive disabilities will have a place to play without barriers. Children will test their motor skills and make the kinds of social connections that benefit everyone.


NOTE: The North Bank accessible playground is funded with bond dollars. There is also the existing play area located in the Red Wagon meadow.