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Our History


In 1951 Spokane City Park Board President Laurence Hamblen appointed a committee to create a foundation, led by A. William Morris, Thomas J. Meenach and Joel E. Ferris to provide support for parks and recreation.


By May of 1952 the Spokane Park and Recreational Foundation had received our first gifts, and we were off and running.


Since then, we have invested nearly $4.1 million in parks throughout Spokane County -

including new park structures, park enhancements and programs that keep parks viable.


Today, the Spokane Parks Foundation, as we have come to be known, is involved in projects not only in City of Spokane, but throughout Spokane County, supporting park-related endeavors for municipalities throughout the County.


As an independent, non-partisan advocate we fill the gap between what our parks need to thrive and what annual budgets can provide. We currently serve 110 parks – providing the dollars to ensure that everyone can enjoy these valuable community assets for generations to come.