These hundred acres have always shown what’s so special about this place we call home, because this park is:


Our living history: from the Ice Age floods that carved a rushing river through its center, to the Native people who have cared for this land for millennia and lent our city its name.


Our gathering place: from the railroads that brought new goods and visitors to Spokane at the turn of the century, to the celebrations and festivals we enjoy today—Hoopfest, Bloomsday, The Gathering at the Falls Powwow, and more.

Our doorway to nature: where right on the edge of downtown, anyone in Spokane can step into a green space alive with trees, fish, and birds; and experience the awe of Spokane Falls.


Our shared ambition: from the Expo ’74 World’s Fair followed by the creation of Riverfront Park to today’s renovation—we have always imagined something spectacular in the heart of our city. 

SPOKANE IS ON THE RISE. Today is the time to think big about Riverfront Park - because as our city grows, as downtown is infused with life and as young people return to raise their own families, we know that Spokane is on the rise. As we look ahead to our community’s next stage, it’s clear that an exceptional public space—the mark of all our world’s great cities—is key to making our ambition a reality.

While Riverfront Park has always been the heart of Spokane, it has not been comprehensively updated since 1978. That's why our community came together in 2014 with a bold vision for our park— taking the ideas proposed by the Citizen’s Advisory Committee, we overwhelmingly approving a $64 million bond to reshape and restore Riverfront Park to the treasure it has been in the past, set for an exciting future 

Spokane has always aimed high and exceeded expectations—from hosting the first environmentally-themed World's Fair with 5.2 million visitors, to hosting the largest 3 on 3 basketball tournament in the country—and today is no different.


The Spokane Parks Foundation launched a philanthropic campaign that will add to the transformation of the park we love, helping the City and its citizens leave a lasting legacy for generations of family, friends, and neighbors. You can give now! Click on the donate link, or Text "rfp" to  (202) 858-1233.

Through the Campaign for Riverfront Spokane, the Foundation is helping create a remarkable public space that offers something for every Spokane resident and visitor.

Through close partnerships with the City’s Parks and Recreation Division and the Spokane Park Board, the Foundation has identified six exciting projects throughout the park that can achieve this vision through a $3 million investment. The Foundation has also established a Fund for the Future, a permanent fund that will provide ongoing enhancements and accessible programs within the park. Working together we will enhance the vision and transform Riverfront Park for all and leave a lasting legacy for generations.



The campaign is built around the six key projects and the Fund for the Future with one big goal: to support and enhance the renovation of Riverfront Park for enjoyment by people of all ages, abilities and passions.



This map shows the approximate location of the projects.

*Funds received in excess of construction costs of the project will be transferred to the Future Fund for programs in the park.

Join us

in giving back to the

parks in your neighborhood.


The Spokane Parks Foundation is an efficiently managed 501(c)(3) corporation, licensed in Washington state.  We strive to maximize donor dollars by charging an administrative fee of 10% or less from every gift to support our mission, administrative overhead and growth.  We fully honor restricted and unrestricted gifts from all donors, and we equally appreciate gifts both large and small. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your contribution. 

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