North East Youth Center Enjoying the Splash

“The Make A Splash Program helps our organization work to build courage and confidence while making a splash.”-North East Youth Center

The NEYC is one of our many partner organizations. This neighborhood organization passed out swimsuits and facilitated swim lessons and handed out free pool passes upon completion of the swim lessons. Kate Green, Director of the NEYC, expressed her appreciation for the Make A Splash program stating, “Every kid got to participate in the field trips to the pool. A child never missed out or had to stay back because they didn’t have a swimsuit. This program helps make it possible to take 30+ kids to the local pools daily allowing no child to be forgotten and ensures their safety.”

Our year-round effort pays off each summer when thousands of kids – who would otherwise be locked out of the pools – enjoy the time-honored rite of childhood…afternoons at the neighborhood pool.

Over the past 4 years we have accomplished amazing things that were made possible by you, your friends and neighbors, and your local businesses. Make A Splash In A Kid’s Life will continue to keep kids in the pools, and not watching from outside the fence simply because their families couldn’t afford lessons, a suit or the entrance fee.

Thank you for helping us continue to splash!

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