Spokane Parks Foundation Grant Program

Each year the Spokane Parks Foundation awards funds to support park programs and projects throughout Spokane County.

Please note that this year we have added a Letter of Inquiry to the process. The Letter of Inquiry should be 1 page long and provide a brief overview of your organization and what you would like to ask us to fund. Applications will be invited after the letters have been received and will be available via invitation only.

The grant cycle will run as follows:

Sept 1 - Oct 15, 2014: Letters of inquiry accepted by the Foundation

Nov 14, 2014: Invitations to apply for program or project grants mailed

Jan 31, 2015 (midnight): Applications due

Feb 1 - Mar 20, 2015: Applications reviewed by Foundation Grant Allocation Committee

Mar 22, 2015: Awards considered by Foundation Board of Directors

Mar 30, 2015: Applicants notified of award decisions

Have a question? Take a look at our Grants webpage for help.

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