What about the park employees?

Where Jessica issues a call to action....


There are so many beautiful parks in Spokane! How do they stay so beautiful?

Well by the hard work of the parks employees of course!

There is an employee appreciation day but I want to speak out that there needs to be a NATIONAL PARK EMPLOYEE DAY!!

Take a look! Have you seen garbage lying around in your local park? It is sad that these park employees put in so much hard work to try to keep the parks clean and safe so WE can enjoy them. I challenge YOU to take a step towards appreciating your park employees by not letting the garbage others have left mar the beautiful parks space!

Here is what you’ll need: garbage bags, gloves and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Here is what you’ll do: you will collect garbage at your local park. Ask your friends to help you. Have a fall bbq after! (Just don't forget to clean up when you are done...)

Let’s show the awesome park employees how much we appreciate all the hard work they do for us!


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