What Being Committed to Core Values Can Really Accomplish

Jessica, our Intern from Gonzaga University, will be posting a series on her time here at the Foundation. Please welcome Jessica!


What can you learn in the first month at your new job?

That it is easy for an organization to espouse their core values but to truly show you those values is impressive. That is what the Spokane Parks Foundation has done, impressed me!

Beyond the new computer and office skills that I am picking up on, I have really begun to understand what the foundation is all about. I’ve learned that, there are passionate people that work tremendously hard in making Spokane grow and improve as a community. Since working here I have witnessed the foundations core values being applied—delivering its promises through their strengths.

Here are some illustrations of what I have seen of our core values in action:

Providing access: working through their partner organizations to make the pools available to all kids by providing swimsuits, and pool passes to the community.

Advocating and Collaborating: spending their time ensuring that our parks are the healthy community assets we deserve by working with others in the community to support the growth and development of new and old parks.

Raising funds: the foundation works extremely hard to reach out to their donors and organize fund raisers.

Knowledge and education: the fall newsletter tuned out great, filled with information that explains what we do and have done here, to educate the community of the foundations aspirations and accomplishments.

It is always important to deliver your promise through your strengths. Every organization needs core values that define them as an organization—these are their strengths. I am proud to work for a foundation that consistently reflects their values and meticulously works hard to meet those values.


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