Parks for the Kids and the Future

"Decoding the human genome was impressive. The internet has

been transformative. Big data are amazing. But a child playing in

the woods? That simple, time-honored image is at once magical,

and powerful, and inspiring."

Nature Play and Learning Places, Robin C. Moore

There are SO MANY reasons that we need parks. But the health and future well-being of children is chief among them. Lately there has been a small flood of articles and studies showing why being outdoors is so vital for kids. I've been struggling with how to gather it all together.

And then I read Nature Play and Learning Places by Robin C. Moore.

Some things ring so true that it would be a sad attempt to try to rewrite them. So I'll just point you to the online pdf and let you read for yourself.

But before you go, one of the simple remedies he calls for to help combat the many ills from being indoors too much is a walk in the park.

I second that.

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