Phyllis Holmes - Park Advocate!

Phyllis Holmes served on the board of the Spokane Parks Foundation twice, for a total of about 7 years. She recently ended her time with the Foundation, after having served as our Board President for three years and then a year as Immediate Past President. (Though we are pleased to note that Phyllis is remaining on both our Governance and Development Committees!)

Phyllis is an extraordinary woman with an extensive list of qualifications, including serving on the City Council for eight years. Her large repertoire of serving on many different boards and knowledge of the Spokane community and quality of life made her the perfect Spokane Park Foundation Board member.

Her grandfather built a lot of the stone work in Manito Park. Phyllis has always had an interest in the growth of Spokane’s quality of life; her family connection only heightens her interest in committing her time to the Spokane Parks Foundation. She believes that a board member should hold some understanding of finances, have a willingness to commit time and energy, have a willingness to go out and talk to people and hold some analytical perspective.

I would challenge anyone in Spokane to find someone as committed to this community as Phyllis Holmes.

The legacy Phyllis leaves is an enthusiastic board and a growing list of donors. We want to thank Phyllis for her hard work in past and for her continuing commitment to the Spokane Parks Foundation!!

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