What can $5 a month do? Plenty!

A $5 monthly gift makes a small impact on your budget, but over a year it adds up to $60 for the Spokane Parks Foundation - which makes a big difference! It can...

Teach 3 kids how to swim, or

Get 5 families into the park to get healthy, or

Help support 16 friends of parks groups throughout the County, or

Send 5 kids to a summer-long

recreation program

You can help us do all of this and more simply by becoming a Sustainer and making a small monthly donation to the Parks Foundation. Your support helps the Foundation make long-term commitments to projects throughout Spokane County, producing sustainable change over time. Plus you'll get special insights into the Foundation...and a whole host of other benefits that we're just now starting to dream up.

Simply go to our website,www.spokaneparksfoundation.org, click on the Donate button and select how often you want to donate - we'll do the rest!

If you'd like to support the Spokane Parks Foundation in the easiest way possible - this is the way to do it!

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