And the 2015 Grant Awards go to...

We are thrilled to announce our 2015 Grantees!

North East Youth Center:

During the course of summer children throughout Spokane will have an opportunity to engage in a variety of educational and recreational activities. NEYC serves an average of 100 children daily and over 500 different children throughout the summer. Each day the children have an opportunity for a new adventure to one of the local parks. While at the park they hike, learn sports, do arts & crafts, play games, run relays and many other activities. They also take the kids to the local pools and purchase Riverfront Park passes so the kids can spend a whole day at the park, enjoying the rides, taking a long walk and having a wonderful picnic lunch!

Award: $2,000

Therapeutic Recreation Services:

TRS’ Funshine Day Camp the only day camp in Spokane focused specifically on meeting the needs of kids with disabilities. This year’s camp will be at Shadle Park. They use the entire park – swimming at the pool, playing in the splash pad, playing ball and also venture out to the library and Riverfront Park.

Award: $1,000

Spokane County Swimming Lessons:

The Spokane County swimming lesson scholarship program offers learn-to-swim courses to children of low-income families at both the Northside and Southside Aquatics Facilities. Each year, children engage in these courses, learning valuable water safety skills that enable greater recreation opportunities and reduced risk potential while visiting aquatics facilities or natural swimming areas.

Award: $5,000

City of Spokane Swimming Lessons:

Without the support from the Spokane Park Foundation more than 200 kids would not be able to learn to swim this summer. The City Parks Department also leverages our funding support to raise additional funds for additional swim opportunities for low-income children.

Award: $4,800

Pine River Entrance Enhancements:

The project will involve enhancing and improving the entrance to Pine River Park, Spokane County’s oldest park. Acquired in 1960 and developed in 1969, the park has received a large influx of visitors since the implementation of the Discover Pass at Riverside State Park – mainly from folks seeking access to water during hot summer days. The park entrance needs upgrades to continue to serve the community, and the Parks Foundation is excited to be able to fund those upgrades.

Award: $5,000

Audubon Park Recycling Containers:

Audubon Park will install four permanent double-sided trash receptacles that will provide separate containers for non-recyclable and recyclable materials. Currently, only trash receptacles are located in the park and a large amount of recyclable material (specifically aluminum cans and plastic or glass bottles) is discarded each year. A significant number of park users are predicted to choose to recycle these materials if given the opportunity. This would reduce the amount of waste hauled to the city's waste to energy plant by the Parks Department.

Award: $2,000


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