We may be small...but we are mighty!

Everyone needs a pat on the back somedays! For the two (yes, only 2...) staff of the Spokane Parks Foundation, our day came a few weeks ago when this article floated into our inboxes.


"Based on data collected in mid-2014, we learned that member foundations granted an estimated $4.4 billion to local, national, and international causes in their most recent fiscal year. They have an estimated total fair market value of $87.8 billion, up from $74.1 billion at the end of 2012."

Now we are but a tiny blip of that $4.4 billion invested in the communities, but it is nice to know that in partnership with our sister-organizations we are making an impact. And as we emerge from our 2015 grant-making process, we can look at what similar-sized foundations are doing with their grant processes, and seeing that they are also choosing to make fewer - yet more sizable - grants, rather than many small grants.

"An estimated 158,000 grants were awarded by member foundations collectively, down from an estimated 203,000 a one year earlier. Median grant size increased from $15,415 to $19,116 during that time, suggesting foundations are giving fewer grants but increasing grant size to maximize impact."

That is the road we took this year, and we can't wait to see the outcomes of the programs and projects we are funding.

Of course we WISH that we had unlimited resources and could fully fund everyone, but we firmly believe that what we've chosen to fund in 2015 will have a measurable and lasting effect on our parks....and we look forward to reporting back to you on that effect!

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