2014 Was a Huge Year for the Foundation!

We took on the 40th Anniversary Celebration of Expo ’74 – as shown by the addition of an Event category in our income. The net revenue from that event has been used to establish the 2020 Riverfront Park Fund to help with the revitalization of Riverfront Park, which was created by Expo ’74. The work of running that event, plus the addition of new fiscal sponsors to our list, helped to drive our fund management revenue to a new level.

We act as the nonprofit of record for local grassroots groups working to help local parks, and charge a mere 5% fee (far lower than the industry standard) to help cover our administrative, banking and other expenses associated with handling the funds for those groups. The Gala drove our revenues (and expenses) higher than they will be in 2015, but the event was a great success!

In looking at our income, it is clear that the work of the Foundation depends on you - our donors and friends! Without your gifts we would not be able to accomplish nearly half of our work. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for your generosity!

Questions? Call us at 509-326-5233.

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