Parks for People

"Philadelphia is on a mission to convert its dilapidated open spaces into green, safe havens one park rehabilitation project at a time."

And so starts one of my most favorite recent news items. It is a short little read, but man is it inspiring!

We all have those days where we come to work and wonder, "Why am I here again?" I'll admit it - I was having one of those days a couple of weeks ago when this gem popped up on my news feed. And in six paragraphs I remembered.

You see, parks are more than just green spaces with swings, pools and ball fields. They are where communities come together. Where kids (and adults) de-stress. Where neighbors get healthy. Where our futures get brighter by the minute. (Unless its dusk...)

Philadelphia didn't randomly decide - "Hey! Let's build some parks! We've got nothing else to spend money on!" They KNEW that as they work to build a healthier city they NEED parks. Their citizens need parks. Their tourists need parks.

So in my mind, as I clicked Read More and then Green2015 I subsituted Spokane for Philadelphia. And I remembered - Yes. THAT is why I am here today.

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