Classrooms without rooms

Due to budget cuts, my 5th grade class didn't get to go to outdoor school. To this day I feel like I missed out. At the time, my sadness was most likely fueled by jealousy. (Cue the "It's not fair! They got to go, why can't I?" discussion with my parents...)

But today, as the mom of two school-age kids, I see just how excited they get - and just how much more they absorb when they are outside of a physical classroom. And I guess I'm not alone, because I'm seeing more and more articles these days featuring educators taking their kids outside to learn.

Now scientists already know that being outside helps kids achieve academically. Something that teachers probably have known all along from practical experience. And now it looks to be a trend in education - one we here at the Spokane Parks Foundation are happy to see!

Want to learn more about classrooms without rooms? Check out these examples - and share more with us as you find them!

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