Kids in Parks: An Overview

Decoding the human genome was impressive…But a child playing in the woods?

That simple, time-honored image is at once magical, and powerful, and inspiring.

Nature Play and Learning Places, Robin C. Moore

With the increasing focus on children’s education and health issues, it is timely that a near-flood of studies are being released that show that not only is exercising outdoors better than indoors, but also that when a child is connected with nature her performance in math, reading and science also improves. And there is no better place to get outside, exercise and connect with nature than in a park.

And that is why the Spokane Parks Foundation is launching a new program - Kids in Parks.

The Spokane Park's Foundation's new Kids In Parks program will pull kids into parks for exercise and a bit of mental stimulation. Kids will interact with parks throughout Spokane County through games and activities that can earn prizes. Parents will be reminded of all that parks provide growing families. And the future of the community will be stronger and healthier.

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