Pine River Investment Pays Off

We've decided to write a series of posts highlighting the many parks that we serve. This time around we shine the spotlight on Pine River Park, the recipient of a 2015 Parks Foundation Project Grant.

In the same way that customers don’t generally shop at a store with a broken front window, Pine River was beginning to see a drop in visitors. Sadly, its run-down entrance also attracted negative and illicit activities as quickly as the positive uses dwindled.

Spokane County Parks, Recreation and Golf submitted an application for help in remedying the situation and bringing life back to the park. The Foundation was happy to help.

Don Secor, park operations manager, told us that “Pine River Park is the oldest park in the County’s park system with a surrounding neighborhood that has been actively involved in the park’s wellbeing since its inception. When residents of the neighborhood approached the County Parks Department with a request to improve the entrance to the park, we immediately thought of the Spokane Parks Foundation as a way to help make this project happen. The Parks Foundation’s funding, along with help from the Pine River Neighborhood, helped us accomplish the much-needed aesthetic improvements to the entrance of Pine River Park, making the park more inviting to residents and visitors alike.”

We were thrilled to be able to invest our donor’s funds in Pine River Park. Not only will use rebound over the coming years, but the surrounding neighborhood will continue to be actively supportive of the Park and its needs.

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