Ron's the Man!

Each month we focus on a Board member or staff member of volunteer. This month I talked with Ron McGregor about why he got involved with the Parks Foundation.

What do you do with your non-Foundation time?

I enjoy many outdoor activities, traveling with my wife and daughters and playing hockey. In my day job I work for Avista as a Property Manager. Other community involvement includes local, regional, and national swimming as USA-Swimming official.

What brought you to the Foundation?

I came to the Spokane Parks Foundation six years ago after finishing a 7 year stint as the president of the Spokane Waves Aquatic Team. At that time the Foundation was getting pretty involved with “Make a Splash” and I really wanted to continue to contribute to the success of swimming in Spokane. It is also very interesting to see all the other uses of our parks and gratifying know we are helping with so many of those activities. It is a fantastic way to give back to the community.

What interests you most about our work?

Knowing the work that we do and the funds that we raise lead to the Grants which puts smiles on kids’ faces. I’m especially pound of the swim lessons and pool passes we provide. It’s not only fun to see the kids enjoying their time in the water but the safety it provides as a drown prevention program.

What one thing would you most like to see the Parks Foundation tackle?

I would most like to see the Foundation have a more visible brand in the community. As there is still a prevalent belief in some circles that we are part of Spokane Parks Board. I am so very proud of the Foundation’s staff, Directors and committee members for making the organization what it is today.

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