Friends of Parks

It's no surprise really that 92% of American believe that their communities benefit from local parks.

After all, research has proven that parks keep us healthier - both mentally and physically.

But it is also true that parks make our communities safer by encouraging us to connect with our neighbors and to keep "eyes on the steet" (or park...) and to take on a level of accountability for our neighborhood parks and our neghborhoods in general.

Friends groups are a great way to support and advocate for your park and your neighborhood. Parks with friends groups are often perceived as cleaner, more active and more desirable - probably because surrounding neighbors take the time to pick up a bit of trash, call their local park department when something needs fixed and help to create an atmosphere that lures other neighbors out of their houses and keep the park in use - driving negative activity out.

Does your nighborhood park have a friends group? Do you want to start one? Give us a call and we'll help you work through the process so that your park can be a safe, attractive asset for your neighborhood.

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