Have you met Neal?

Neal Boling is the station manager for KHQ and a member of the Spokane Parks Foundation's marketing committee.

A few years ago, Neal decided to get healthy - and he headed outside to Riverfront Park to do it. Here's his park story!


How long have you been in Spokane?

7 years in March. But who’s counting?

What inspired you to get fit?

I lived in the south my whole life (read: fried foods) and let’s face it, the only thing you feel like doing in July in Florida is sitting in the air conditioning. But here, especially in the spring and summer, it’s just ideal to be in the outdoors and soak-in the crisp air and that awesome blue sky.

How did parks help your fitness journey?

It’s so much better to walk and run in one of our parks as opposed to a treadmill. It’s a feast for the senses. You can people-watch. You can work up a sweat by climbing different elevations. You can change your mind and go this way instead of that way.

Which is your favorite park?

I love Riverfront Park— mostly for the river itself. But the whole park experience is a walker’s dream.

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