Kevin Eddy, Foundation President and Park Storyteller

Riverfront Park has always amazed me; to me, it is the heart of the Spokane community. Like a heart, it has a palpable pulse, as you feel the spray of the raging water, hear the rumble and roar of the river, and gaze upon the awesome falls. Your own heart flutters in a simple, child-like awe as you experience the historic carousel or play on the big red wagon. It has a deep, relaxing calmness that grounds you in the sacredness of the space that has called to countless generations. Truly nothing encapsulates the vibrant, beautiful spirit of Spokane more than Riverfront Park.

Since joining the Board of the Spokane Parks Foundation in 2014, it has been my privilege to be a part of an organization that strives to cultivate our community through its financial support of our parks. As we celebrate our 65th Anniversary, we honor those who have supported us and our parks over the years, we thank those who continue to support us now, and we look, with a confident excitement, towards a future of continuing to preserve and refine our parks for all those who will come after us.

As the incoming Board President, I look forward to hearing your stories, sharing in our vision, and working diligently to enhance and protect the legacy of our parks for all.

I am Kevin Eddy, President of the Board of the Spokane Parks Foundation, and this is my parks story.

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