Linwood Park

Every park has a story. A huge part of that story is how the park helps to build stronger, happier neighborhoods. And the Spokane Parks Foundation is proud to help write and tell that story through our grants process.

Each spring the Foundation awards small, strategic grants that are meant to help a park build on its strengths. Last year, we invested $5,000 in Linwood Park.

Linwood Park was purchased in 1959 and is located in north Spokane County in the Town and Country neighborhood. It is surrounded on three sides by a residential area, and by Country Homes Boulevard on the west. As a Spokane County park, it is owned by the residents of the County and maintained by the Spokane County Parks, Recreation & Golf department.

Linwood wasn't developed until 1969 - but was built-out before the Americans with Disabilities Act. Sadly, this meant that the park was not built with adaptive needs in mind. The County clearly saw the need for an ADA-compliant path into the park so that ALL residents could use the park...but the department's budget was already stretched thin.

They turned to the Foundation for help to pay for the path, as Linwood was increasingly being used for family reunions, group picnics, softball games and other gatherings. Without the path, a key part of the surrounding community was struggling to use the park.

The Parks Foundation was thrilled to be able to partner on this project. By funding the concrete pathway, we were helping to build a stronger park that would help our friends and neighbors to be stronger and happier as a result.

Due to weather issues, the pathway wasn't completed in 2016, but the County plans on finishing the path as soon as the snow allows.

We hope that you take a trip to Linwood this spring to check out the new ADA-compliant pathway for yourself!

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