Jocelyn: Intern, Volunteer, Grants Chair

I recently sat down with Jocelyn Babcock, a longtime volunteer with the Spokane Parks Foundation. Here's her park story!


When did you first get involved with the Parks Foundation and what drew you to the mission?

I was attending Whitworth when an advisor told me the Spokane Parks Foundation was in need of grant writing services. I completed an internship writing grants for OPERATION: Save Our Summer, which provides low-income youth with swimsuits and swim lessons.

I have always loved Spokane's parks. Name a park and I have a memory to share. I want to be part of the protection and enhancement of Spokane's green spaces so generations can experience the same connection to nature as I.

You’ve been on the grants committee for a few years, and now are the chair. What are you most looking forward to in the coming year with the Foundation?

It is so fun to learn about new projects and events forthcoming in the parks. Each year I encounter an event with a new twist to enjoy the community park. Everyone is aware of the renovations of Riverfront Park, but there are many upgrades happening in the City of Spokane, City of Spokane Valley, Spokane County and State Parks.

What is your favorite park right now?

I love so many parks, that is why I included a handful of them in my novel, but it is Riverside State Park Bowl and Pitcher that is my favorite. Crossing the river on the Swinging Bridge to the upgraded staircase and walking behind the basalt boulders is about as good as it gets.

What is your favorite park memory?

My grandmother took me to Riverfront Park every Friday. Of course I love the carousel, but I used to watch the red butterfly move in the breeze. When I lived in Portland and came to visit, I insisted we go there and I had to wait until the clock tower chimed. There is something comforting about that bell, it feels like home.

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