Liberty Lake Regional Park: A Park for Everyone

My family didn't "discover" Liberty Lake Regional Park until last year. We'd been meaning to get there for quite a few years - in fact, my Girl Scout troop had reservations to camp there one summer...but the forest fires were raging and the air was difficult to breathe, so we cancelled.

Once we did finally get ourselves to the park, we were thrilled. Shady spaces for me to hang out while the kids played on the playground? Check. Dock for us to sun ourselves on while we took a break from swimming? Check. Roped-in swimming space to help keep kids contained? Check. Picnic tables to eat at when our tummies got rumbly? Check. Plus plenty of restrooms and easy parking. We judged Liberty Lake park to be a definite winner.

What we didn't know, even as we sat there on that sunny August day, was that Liberty Lake Regional Park is one of the largest county parks in Washington. With over 3,591 acres full of wetlands, trails, lakefront, mountain forest, conservation area, irrigated lawns, play equipment, campgrounds, picnic shelters and an ORV park - this park definitely has something for everyone.

But even more impressive is the economic impact that a park like Liberty Lake has on our local economy. Did you know that in 2013 US local and regional park agencies generated almost $140 BILLION in economic activity? Let me repeat that: parks like Liberty Lake Regional Park combined to generate $140,000,000,000 in economic activity during 2013 alone.

So the next time you need an outing, head to Liberty Lake Regional Park. If you want to swim, hike, sit or can do it knowing that your tax dollars are supporting a park that gives back far more than it takes to run.

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