Witter Pool: History in the making

The location we now know as Witter pool has played host to public pools since 1914, when the City of Spokane built not one but TWO pools on the site - the Sinto Pools. (One was for girls and one for boys.) Along with two other public pools, the city's population was served by the Sinto Pools until the the end of the end of the 1950's, when Stanley Witter - then parks director - raised enough money for a re-run at a pool bond.

At that point, the city had turned down a bond to upgrade the pools, but the state was threatening to close all three pools if significant upgrades weren't made. The pools were well past their prime and were considered unsafe.

Mr. Witter oversaw the bond push and then worked closely to get all three pools overhauled and three new pools built before he retired. It was his vision that ensured that the two smaller Sinto Pools were rebuilt into one olympic-sized pool that was fit to host swim meets.

In 1960, the city parks department surprised Mr. Witter by naming the new pool after him.

Since then, the Parks Foundation has contributed $37,500 to Witter Pool's restoration (1983), slide (1985), pool ramp & wheelchair access (2004) and (again) to the slide (2005).

We are proud to support a facility named after a great visionary who had the foresight to build a pool that has given us untold lifeguards and swimming champions.

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