A Trail Runs Through It

The Spokane River Centennial Trail (or just the Centennial Trail for us locals) runs from the Washington/Idaho state line and ends at Lake Spokane in Nine Mile Falls. Its existence is a testimony to the lasting partnership between multiple government agencies and municipalities and is a testimony to the vision of the Spokane County Parks, Recreation & Golf staff and the Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Originally, the Trail was proposed as a 10 1/2 mile trail running from Argonne Road to Idaho, but the idea quickly spread east and Coeur d'Alene jumped on board and led the building of a trail from the border all the way to the east side of Coeur d'Alene Lake - a total of 60 miles.

If you haven't yet explored the Friends of the Centennial Trail's website, you definitely should. This group works with the State, Spokane County, Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, Millwood, the City of Spokane, Nine Mile Falls and all municipalities in between, as well as partnering with the Idaho group to continue to maintain and develop the Trail and all adjacent parklands and connecting trails.

They also have a great history of the Trail AND you can order a printed Trail map - or just check it out online.

Our thanks goes to Spokane County Parks, Recreation & Golf for their vision, Spokane Valley Chamber for their encouragement and the Friends of the Centennial Trail for their ongoing dedication to this amazing community asset!

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