Getting to know Craig

I sat down with our newest Board member, Craig Andersen, to find out more about him!


What drew you to become a Board member of the Foundation?

I have always been passionate about parks. It is one of the things that drove me to be a Landscape Architect. Also, I had heard about the Parks Foundation for years, but never really knew what we did. After finding out more through discussion with Craig and Heather, I realized that I could have a greater impact on Spokane’s Parks by joining the Board.

What do you think is the most important outcome of the Foundation’s work?

I believe the most important outcome for our work is simply to serve the greatest amount of park users to the maximum extent possible. Everything else derives from that principle. That means we serve children and adults, we sponsor programs that improve park user’s experiences with better equipment, play features, events, etc.

What is your favorite park?

I have really fond memories of many parks. At the moment I use the High Drive Bluff the most, but I still think that Manito is my favorite local park. Favorite park of all time has to be Mt. Rainer National Park.

What is your favorite park memory?

Waaaayyy to many to pick out a favorite. Three that come to mind: 1) Proposing to my wife in Banff National Park (Canada), 2) Learning to rock climb at Minnehaha (John Shields Park), and 3) touring Utah’s “mighty 5” national parks on my honeymoon. With a kid on the way, I’m sure that I’ll have new favorites next year!

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