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The Spokane Parks Foundation has been supporting the Spokane River Centennial Trail since before it started.

In 1987, the Foundation awarded $2,000 to the Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce to help with planning the Trail from riverfront to the state line. (Interesting trivia: This also marked the first time that the Foundation financially supported anything outside of the City of Spokane parks system.)

In the early 1990's we acted as the fiscal sponsor for the Friends of the Centennial Trail as they began to form and move toward becoming a c3 organization.

In 1995, we contributed $2,500 to the Friends of the Centennial Trail to pay for a feasibility study to determine whether or not to extend the trail further west.

In 2002, we invested $40,000 in the westward expansion of the Trail.

The Spokane Parks Foundation has been blazing trails in Spokane County for over 65 years, and we are proud of our early work in support of the Centennial Trail.

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