Xplore Spokane:

Get Out and Explore!

It's almost time!
This year's park passports are almost ready...right now we are loading them with scavenger hunts, park activities and ways to win prizes just by going to your local park!
Check back soon and we'll tell you where to get your passport and how to get out there and explore!!
Why this program?


The Inland Northwest is not alone in our focus on childhood obesity and educational attainment – and the ramifications that both have on the future of our communities.


Parks are the front-line in obesity prevention, and science is increasingly showing their importance in education attainment as well. And while the parks system has not yet been seen as a partner in the fight to reduce obesity and increase graduation rates, parks are a natural ally and the Spokane Parks Foundation has developed a new program to do just that.


Our Xplore Spokane pulls kids into parks for exercise and a bit of mental stimulation. Kids interact with parks throughout Spokane County through games and activities that can earn prizes, while parents are reminded of all that parks provide growing families. And the future of the community will be stronger and healthier.


Right now, we are focusing on getting free knapsacks loaded with information and activities to low-income and at-risk kids. At the same time, we are developing partnerships to create a program that best meets the needs of our community - based on best practices for education and health care. 


We ALL have a vested interest in making kids healthier and helping them to succeed in school. Xplore Spokane is an opportunity for a continuing partnership that will bring doctors, nurses, educators, parents, community leaders together with the park and recreation system to do just that.